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Everything you ever wanted to know about luxury cushions


Cushions have been around as long as civilization! The first cushions were used in ancient Mesopotamia (around 7,000 B.C.). Carved out of stone, the first cushions were used to prevent insects from crawling into mouths, noses, and ears. The cushion developed into different materials throughout the world — Egyptians used ivory to elevate the head from bad spirit, the Chinese used jade to increase intelligence, and the Greeks and Romans abandoned the hard cushion altogether, creating cushions filled with cotton and soft down feathers.

Why do we
need cushions?

Like a well-placed scarf or the perfect pair of shoes, luxury cushions are the touch that make or break an entire look. Every detail—shape, size, colour, texture, trim—presents an opportunity for creativity. You can add style and character to your space with just a number of carefully selected, quality cushions.

When the urge to redecorate comes around, make creative and bold choices with decorative cushions. Explore your next design adventure with our collections.

About our cushions

At Maison Anne Carminati, we want to help you find the best way to create meaningful, beautiful compositions with our pieces. Our collections are specifically curated, each one a tasteful mix of different sizes, shapes, and prints.

Our luxury cushions are the result of our meticulous attention to detail: the perfect cushion requires time and precision. To ensure that all of our pieces meet our standard, we personally search through our selection of luxury fabrics, testing for softness, shine, and texture. With the optimal mix of feathers and down, each of our cushions are both soft and supportive.

All of our luxury cushions are hand-crafted in France by ateliers that produce the finest quality on a small scale. Your Maison Anne Carminati creation is one of a select few, meant to stand out and bring a new level of exclusivity to your home.

Our inspiration
always starts
with a vintage print.

About our designs

Discover our design process! Watch each step through our conception of the Commercy Collection.


A 19th century Lampas fabric, but with an innovative touch of animal print embroidery. Once we find our vintage print, we conduct research to find out the story behind this design, its character, its world. Both the historical narrative and the aesthetic narrative are interwoven to form the basis of our collection: the print reinterprets this era by marking an artistic shift from Rococo to Neoclassicism, it represents both royal, flirtatious airs and a more understated intellectualism.

This print becomes the anchor of our collection. We create a colour palette from the design to find the right fabric for our other cushions.

  1. 1
    A mix of
    all colours

    Color Field

    A jacquard that brings all the colours of Commercy. With a matte finish that gives an understated and contemporary look.

  2. 2

    luxury textured pillow detail

    A touch of Luxury

    The discreet gold thread creates the most subtle glimmer. Eye-catching but sophisticated, with an edge that reminds us of the luxury of Commercy.

  3. 3

    Sleek design

    Remarkably soft and sleek. A light gray piping complements Commercy. The subtle sheen and elegant navy-blue fabric evokes the style of a classic man’s suit.

  4. 4

    Silk Accent

    A creamy white colour full of depth with a red trim accent fully brings the beauty of this fabric to life, adding a Haute Couture detail.

From the level of shine to the texture of the trim, we ensure that each detail fits within the story we are trying to tell. The Commercy Collection is one with a history of royalty and elegance; it reflects the duality of a King who dedicated himself to arduous study but remained a royal in every sense of grandeur. Our deep, darker reds and blues are illuminated by the subtle shine of creamy whites and flecks of gold.

The mix of patterns and prints brings a modern twist to the history of Commercy. We act as translators, retelling these older stories in new ways. The intricate linen and wool weave of our Stanislas cushion, the ever-so-slight sparkle of our Anna—as the cityscape of Paris is mixed with new buildings and ancient cathedrals, these details in our collections add an unmistakable character to the old genius of our vintage print.

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We can assist you to create your own composition to make your story your own.

We can create any custom design with traditional or contemporary patterns, based on your wishes and inspirations. We submit fabric compositions, colors, trimmings, size recommendations, and samples of the finished products for approval.