Explore the castle of nobles, socialites, and intellectuals

When the deposed King of Poland Stanislas Leszczyński took ownership of the Chateau de Commercy in 1744, he integrated his intellectual pursuits within the residence’s architecture.

An avid writer and political thinker, Leszczyński sought to create spaces that represented a more encyclopedic array of community, from salonniers in his court to Jesuit friars of the missions he founded. He entertained such guests as Voltaire and prioritized social pleasures over strict etiquette. His era was marked by the shift from extravagant Rococo flair to the more restrained Neoclassicism.

Both playful and sophisticated, our Commercy collection takes its inspiration from the lively, intellectual halls of Leszczyński’s Chateau de Commercy. Our vintage print showcases warm, timeless colors with an intricate pattern, an ode to mid-18th century design. The collection combines luxurious silks with textured fabrics, adding depth and refinement to any room.

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