Our Story

Bringing joy to our clients

As an interior designer, Anne loves bringing joy to her clients by representing their stories throughout their homes. She wants to spread this joy as much as she can, making her talents more accessible by launching Maison Anne Carminati, her own line of luxury home accessories.

The brand combines Anne’s natural eye for color and her love of luxury fabrics, creating distinctive pieces that translate the voice to the interior.

Inspiration and French heritage

Our collections are designed and created in our Paris studio. France creates an unmistakable beauty through a negotiation of past and present. Aesthetically, it’s a landscape of juxtaposition—any “modern” looking glass building or structure is surrounded by ancient walls. This art of contrast is not only the inspiration for our designs, but it is foundational to the way we source our materials, as well.

To make something truly new, it must be in conversation with the old. Each piece holds its own story: they are a re-telling of time, of vintage in the contemporary.

Shared passions

Our artisans and textile manufacturers are at the heart of our company. Their expertise, their dedication to perfection, and their vast, ancestral knowledge helps Anne create beautiful products.

Our relationship is based on a mutual understanding—we see, from stitch to seam, what excellence looks like—and our standards meet only at the pinnacle of perfection. Together, we both celebrate and preserve French traditions of masterful craftsmanship.

About Anne

Anne’s story begins in France. She grew up in Dijon and always dreamed about discovering new places. Her wish came true when she was selected by a foreign exchange program to spend her last year of high school in Las Vegas. During that year she experienced what it meant to grow up as an American teen and to believe that the sky was the limit!

Determined to further her knowledge of the complex international stage, Anne studied international law in Paris followed by a Master of Arts degree from the Johns Hopkins University, SAIS, in International Relations and International Economics. Anne’s international studies were a transformative experience, cementing her quest to be curious, open-minded and to pursue authentic relationships.

Anne had another passion that started at a very early age: art. From her love of drawing, painting, visiting museums and touring ancient buildings, she developed an artistic eye.

After starting her family, Anne settled down in New York. To Anne, curating her family’s space only felt natural: a place of their history, the apartment fit all their eccentricities, all the serendipitous stories spanning places and periods. Visitors began to request Anne for their own interior design projects. Anne learned to act as a translator, expressing her client’s persona through design.

Anne continues to use her talents creating luxury home accessories in Paris. She takes all the lessons throughout her childhood and career to inform her process, retaining deep commitments to quality and authentic storytelling. Through her work at Maison Anne Carminati, she is able to spread her artistic vision across the globe. Anne’s love of combining colors and textures has remained a pivotal constant in her life, and continues to act as Anne’s most trusted guide.