Over the last two years, our homes have become offices, spaces to entertain, and, with a bit of luck, sanctuaries. It isn’t so surprising, then, that we now feel the need for a bit of change, brought by touches of color and texture which come together to create a tranquil environment that represents us, all the while evolving with trends. I went around Paris Déco Off and Maison & Objet – two annual design events hosted in the French capital – to spot this season’s trends before they hit the showrooms and the living rooms and share my findings exclusively with you on Joie de Vivre.

Spice up your color palettes

White and cream has dominated the design world for an eternity, but it seems that we’re finally over neutrals – not that it didn’t take us long enough! Say goodbye to all white interiors and confidently welcome bright and audacious color into your home. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, however, we haven’t turned to color maximalism just yet. This season’s palettes remain rather neutral, with a single bold color bringing something new into the mix. Take an International Klein Blue which brightens everything around it, for example, or an almost-fluorescent lime green. What’s most attractive with this trend is that there’s no need to start from scratch. In updating only your home accessories, your interior can easily be personalized to suit the seasons, or even your mood. Simply add some colorful decorative pillows and throws and spice up your table with unique placemats to freshen up your home. Gone are the days of minimalism and neutrality; make way for bold textures and colors!

Montceaux Tables by Pierre Gonalons

“Groovy Baby!”: 70’s time capsule

Where better to turn to find audacious colors, patterns, and textures than the 70’s? Electric blue and apricot orange seem to be the colors of the season and deep brown has also made its return to compliment this brightness. Geometric patterns can be found in the wallpaper and upholstery fabrics that define the season. As for furniture, curved shapes echo the interiors of Studio 54. The 70’s are decidedly back with a bang! ‘Velvet, velvet, velvet’ is proving to be the textiles motto of the moment. Originally made with silk, this fabric will bring a touch of sensuously tactile luxury to your interiors, whilst brightly colored tufted rugs will echo this quality at a horizontal level. Their intricate designs and artisanal craftmanship truly transform them into liveable art. Tufted rugs are no longer predestined to the floor; their visual impact makes them perfect for wall hangings. To top everything off, contrast the geometric dimensions of a room with curved furniture which seems to flow in and out of each other. After all, the free love decade was all about liberation, relaxation and, most importantly, color!

Rug by Charlotte Culot
Tie Dye decorative pillows by Maison Anne Carminati
Sofa by Pierre Augustin Rose

At one with nature

The 70’s trend isn’t the only place we are seeing rounded shapes. As the environment takes up an increasingly important space in our minds, the interior design world is focusing on shapes, colors and materials which echo the natural world. Since the pandemic, the desire to recreate the outside world inside our homes is in full bloom. This season, panoramic wallpapers with rich greens and foliage will make you feel like you are looking out onto a tranquil landscape, or even trailing through the heart of the jungle. In terms of furniture, think marble and wood; natural materials that are minimally treated. Wicker, too, is no longer condemned to the garden. Now is the time to celebrate the imperfections of the natural world, considering them instead as evidence of craftsmanship which will add dimension and individuality to your home. In the world of lighting, we are seeing truly original designs which echo the flora and fauna; translucid and delicate leaves, or even undulating tree trunks.

Pendant light by Pelle
Wallpaper by Pierre Frey

In terms of textiles, boucle fabrics, locally sourced wool and unprocessed alpaca which preserves the animal’s natural color are in their heyday. Texture once more reigns supreme here, and an artificially smooth finish is seemingly a thing of the past. The trends of this season are also defined by the tones of the natural world: greens, ochres, and terracotta. Just as we seem to be less interested in completely neutral palettes, interiors dominated by cold colors have had their time. In to replace them are warm tones, oranges, and chocolate brown everywhere from carpets to clothing. This interest in the world of nature is of course also linked to a deeper awareness and respect of the environment. We cannot escape environmentally friendly textiles or home accessories at the moment, and rightly so!

These trends have truly proven to me that we are moving towards a vision of the home and its interiors based on comfort, dominated by soft, tactile and luxurious fabrics, warm lighting and laid-back furniture. After all, what’s better than feeling truly at home? It’s clear, however, that we won’t settle for simplicity or blandness. This autumn-winter season is the time for experimentation. Whether that be with color or bold wallpaper, dare to bring unexpected touches to your interior, and you might just see your home in a new light…

Wallpaper by Iksel

I am here to bring you all the trends of the moment– keep following along for more insights into creating your dream home! You can contact us at design@maisonannecarminati.com if you need help with your decorating project. We’ll be happy to help you.

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