When it comes to creating your ideal home, it’s the smallest details that mean the most. With the launch of Joie de Vivre, I’m sharing my years of experience in interior design to help you achieve a beautiful home that feels like you.

A few well-chosen throw pillows can transform the experience of your living space, through a pop of color or the introduction of a new motif. There’s also a lot to think about when selecting new cushions—size? fabric? color? —and it can be easy to get caught napping.

Up first: how to choose your star fabric, the secret to putting together the cushion collection of your dreams.

Finding Inspiration

Inspiration can come from anywhere, whether you’re looking for modern chic or an iconic look from a decade gone by. I love searching magazines like Architectural Digest and Ideat, wandering the streets of Paris, visiting museums or glancing at storefronts to find inspiration for my collections.

Once I know what type of mood or style I want to create, it’s time to go to showrooms to find the star fabric.

Your Star Fabric

Your star fabric is the centerpiece of your pillow collection: the one you fall in love with, and the focal point that your complementary cushions will revolve around. It’s often one that incorporates a distinctive weave or motif, combining multiple colors.
Once you’ve lighted on your star fabric, it’s time to start expanding your collection. I pick out 2 to 3 fabrics from each showroom, ensuring that each sample mirrors one or two colors from my star fabric.

Taking my samples home and laying them out on a board helps me see the interaction between colors. When you pair two or more colors together they can have a profound effect on one another. Seeing a constellation of textiles laid flat can reveal new connections and exciting combinations.

Growing Collections

Remember to take a break from staring at your sample board once in a while! Choosing fabrics is like choosing fragrances—it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the options. Instead, practice patience. When you return to your board, you will see that some combinations work better than others. Try the process of elimination until you have 3 to 4 fabrics left—these are the fabrics for your complementary cushions.

Fabric selection is just one thing to keep in mind as your pillow collection begins to take shape.

Keep following along for more insights into creating your dream home! You can contact us at design@maisonannecarminati.com if you need help with your decorating project. We’ll be happy to help you.

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