Je ne regrette rien

In homage of one of France’s greatest icons, Édith Piaf, we are introducing our new collection: Piaf. Our Piaf Collection is an ode to her musical genius, to her creativity, and to her sensitivity. Each piece pulls inspiration from her performance of “Je ne regrette rien”, a song whose rich depth and vulnerability encapsulates the precise power of Édith’s voice. Our Piaf collection celebrates this process, combining touches of brightness with softer hues, balancing strong notes with enchanting melodies. A collection is much like a song: with harmony of colours, chords of textures, and dancing colours and intensities, it tells a story. In line with the delicate power of Édith Piaf, our collection features a soft, deep palette. Whites contrast with warm purple for moments of brightness, grays evoke the smooth façades of Paris on morning walks, and pinks bring a touch of softness to the composition. Perfect for days spent sweeping away regrets and finding joy.