Between the Sheets

Everything you ever wanted know about luxury bed linens


Bedding has been with us for a long time. The oldest blanket — if you can call it that — dates back 77,000 years, from what is now South Africa. Placed on mattresses made of reeds, the first blankets were woven from plants to keep away mosquitoes. Ancient Egypt used wooden platform beds and thick linen layers, while the Romans opted for animal skins.

Bedding only became decorative during the Renaissance, or “the Age of Magnificent Beds.” Louis XIV’s reign in Versailles brought forth an unprecedented grandeur in bedding: artisans depicted famous paintings and sculptures on the sheets, and the bed became an entirely new art form.

Fun Fact
Louis XIV owned over 413 beds and, began a tradition of holding court while under the covers!

Why are bed linens important?

We are obsessed with our beds. Today, the bed represents something greater than a piece of furniture or a place of rest. It’s where we find our most personal, intimate selves. It’s an essential component to our well-being, a place to truly curate to our heart’s content.

Bedding — everything from sheets, linens, and throws — allows us to fulfill our vision. It can bring a pop of colour or bring together a soothing composition. It is the element through which we can creatively design our own little sanctuary. Through prints, textures, and colours, you can use bedding to affirm the bed as yours, as you.

About our linens

We source our luxury linens from the finest raw materials to weave linens of superb quality and with an incredible feel. We use extra-long staple cotton with fibers that are extremely long (36mm) and incredibly fine yet resistant. All linens are woven in Italy, renowned for its expertise and masterful craftmanship in linen. We select cotton that is contamination free, assuring they did not come into contact with other fibers or foreign particles during production. Because our linens are of the finest quality the more you wash it the more beautiful and softer it gets.

We use Percale, Sateen and Linen for you to experience three different feels:

Percale for a crisp and fresh feel,
Sateen for a smooth and silky feel and
Linen for lightweight and relaxed feel.

All our linens are available in various thread counts.

About our designs

For Maison Anne Carminati refinement lies in the details. Our designs are inspired by a motif from our cushion collections whether it is embroidery, appliqué or piping. Every component has its importance: from sheet colours to flange details depending on the style of the collection. We thrive for refinement and finishing touches.

All of our linens are hand-guided and crafted in France by small ateliers that produce the finest quality on a small scale, to meet the highest expectations.

Custom linens

We can assist you to create your design to make your story your own.

We can create any custom design with traditional or contemporary patterns, based on your wishes and inspirations. We submit linen and colour choices, drawings and samples of the finished products for approval.