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    Caroline Besse: Life in Colour

    Caroline Besse’s studio is truly constructed in her image. Here, serenity, generosity and creativity are all encompassing. The artist has created her own medium by harmoniously bringing together Western methods and oriental techniques on Japanese washi paper, Chinese ink, and paint created by crushed minerals. For the artist, color is at once ritualized and spiritual; it represents an emotion which is both entirely individual and universal. I met Caroline in Paris to discuss her artistic process, the unexpected twists and turns of life, and her favorite meal of sautéed celery.

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Joie de vivre

Joie de Vivre is a French lifestyle guide founded by interior designer Anne Carminati. After years working in the US, Anne was inspired to share the expert craftsmanship traditions of her native France with a wider audience through her own collections. She brings the same spirit to Joie de Vivre, where you’ll find trend reports and how-to advice for your own interiors. Through interviews with renowned master craftsmen, Joie de Vivre reveals the expertise behind French artistry. Outside the home, Joie de Vivre takes you to Anne’s favorite Parisian shopping destinations and to the city’s fabulous galleries and museums. Of course, no French lifestyle tour would be complete without diving into the world of food, including Anne’s favorite recipes and restaurants.

Explore Joie de Vivre and connect with the world of exquisite design and your fellow French lifestyle lovers.

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