Our Craftsmen

Your Maison Anne Carminati products come
to life between countless hands, each dedicated
to absolute perfection.

Each Maison Anne Carminati piece comes to life through a journey.
And who better to tell that story than our founder, Anne Carminati?

Discover our craftsmen:
a collection’s journey.

Our textile manufacturer: curating the perfect collection.

Your Maison Anne Carminati creation begins with a search: I visit select luxury showrooms and peruse their mix of textiles, from 18th⁠-⁠century antiques to modernist contemporary prints. Once I enter my studio, I extract the specific colour parlettes of each print to curate the perfect collection. It’s a work of collage and narrative, it is the drafting stage, in which anything is possible.

Our upholsterer: excellence and tradition

Designs finally in hand, I head to my upholsterer. I’ve known our upholsterer for a long time, as his reputation is exemplary. All the wallcoverings of The Dauphin Dauphine Library in the Chateau de Versailles and the private salons at the National Assembly are his handiwork. His studies have taken him all across the country, creating an incredibly vast, encyclopedic knowledge of French artistry and its history. Together, we collaborate to elevate luxury to new heights.

Our linen manufacturer: the finest fibers

But of course, no full home is complete without the most buttery-soft, luxurious bed, bath, and table accessories! With the rise of mass consumption luxury linen manufacturers have become increasingly rare. Again, I search, but my experience in fabrics has made it easy to spot the best of the best: traditional techniques both born and perfected in Italy and France, our linen manufacturer takes every detail into consideration.

Our embroiderer: perfection lies in the details

I hand-draw each design to create an illustration for our embroiderer. Each pencil mark corresponds with a
stitch⁠⁠⁠—⁠⁠ Our embroiderer is an expert in technique; his understanding of the way each subtle stitch changes the effect of the design guides the minutiae of Maison Anne Carminati perfection.

With timeless style, traditional methods, and home accessories made just for you, we bring together the best of both the past and the present. All of our collections are ⁠limited⁠–⁠edition⁠, exclusively yours.

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