French culture and elegance: an homage to novelist Jean d'Ormesson

According to the French novelist Jean d’Ormesson, “beauty is a mystery which sings and dances through time, and beyond time.” This beauty, simultaneously entrenched in history and timeless, promptly evokes French elegance. The world has always taken France and its cultural figures as the ultimate exemplars of current fashion and ageless sophistication, and who better to represent this elegance than Jean d’Ormesson, the central figure of the modern French literary world?

With his gentle rebelliousness, his sparkling air that he never lost while excelling in his unparalleled eloquence in the ‘art of conversation’, between humor and erudition, Jean d’Ormesson seemed to escape the dictates of time. He intertwined the old and the new which still beat at the very heart of French elegance, timeless … like our collection Pléiade which pays tribute to this enlightened spirit, this ‘immortal’ of the world of Letters.

Exuberance, vivacity, elegance, and timelessness are an invitation to meditate on the passage of time and the beauty of the world. Let us be guided by the erudite author through the castle of his childhood: our fuchsia decorative pillows which shine bright amongst the other home accessories in the Pléiade Collection pay tribute to the novelist’s exuberance and liveliness, whilst stripes evoke an underlying masculinity and classic style. The elegance of the Collection is represented by a charcoal gray and white palette exhibited upon vintage fabrics. Daring fringe, contrasting fuchsia, and black piping usher the patterns inspired by the French 19th century into the contemporary world, whilst adding a touch of luxury and sophistication.

Just as Jean d’Ormesson’s legacy encapsulates the French spirit, so too does the Pléiade Collection harmoniously combine visions of the modern and the timeless, becoming eternal in its very own way.