Je Ne Regrette Rien

What make an artist’s work timeless? It has been over 80 years since the world first heard the diminutive and forceful Édith Piaf’s voice; yet, she continues to resonate with our lives. Piaf is a part of our emotional experience, a part of our French DNA. “When I sing”, she once explained, “I no longer belong to myself. I am no longer there. I am in a zone. “

Each of Édith’s Piaf experiences with music take on this quality of transformation “: a deeper intimacy brings about something new, something fresh. Her most iconic song, “Non, je ne regrette rien”, cannot be separated from the power of Édith. Instinctively, she understood that the music embodied a deeper, universal meaning for the public, a way to live through tragedy with a fierce, unrelenting, uncompromising love. The song and the artist remain intertwined, both forever changed. Piaf would sing “Je ne regrette rien” until the end of her life.

Time and time again, we return to Édith Piaf because her performances show us that the beauty in life can always be found within ourselves. She brings out parts that we have yet to discover, making the quotidian full of surprise and charm.

Our Piaf Collection is an ode to her musical genius, to her creativity, and to her sensitivity. A collection is much like a song: with harmony of colours, chords of textures, and dancing colours and intensities, it tells a story. In line with the delicate power of Édith Piaf, our Piaf features a soft, deep palette. Whites contrast with warm purple for moments of brightness, grays evoke the smooth façades of Paris on morning walks, and pinks bring a touch of softness to the composition. Perfect for days spent sweeping away regrets and finding joy.