The 1960's: A Pop of Energy

The 1960’s marked the beginning of a real social and aesthetic breakthrough. With an optimistic outlook towards the future and an appetite for new modern ideas, many sectors began to redefine their visual languages, including home décor.

After the elegant modernity of the 1950’s, interior design shifted dramatically; embracing curvy shapes and vivacious colors and bringing with it a fresh look and carefree attitude. Furniture showcased unusual designs with bright colors, geometric patterns, and rounded shapes. New materials also emerged such as chrome, glass and plastic boldly mixed with wood.

Our new Galet Collection draws from this pivotal time in fashion and design. Inspired by the bright and harmonious colors of Pop and Psychedelic art, this unique collection of decorative pillows and linens are sure to bring a pop of energy to any living space. Combining vintage and contemporary fabrics, we mixed warm and bright colors with irregular patterns to bring new life to the lasting legacy of the 1960’s.

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Bed with 2 pillows, beige and blue with a white and blue throw
Dietail of Galets table set embroideries with plate, glass and silverware