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Los Angeles-based interior designer, JAKE ARNOLD knows a thing or two about styling. We’re always asked about styling beds — How many layers do I need? How many pillows? How do you properly incorporate the layers? There are so many questions and the truth is, there can be a lot of answers. We’re all about avoiding too many hard and fast rules over here, because there are a lot of ways you can make a bedroom look real good. While you’ve seen several of Amber’s bedrooms from her PROJECTS, we decided to bring in our friend and Los Angeles-based interior designer, JAKE ARNOLD to show us how he styles a bedroom in his own home — in two totally different styles. One is bright and light, the other is all mood. It’s as simple as swapping bedding and a few decor items — and voila. Scroll down to see Jake’s effortless look and shop the room. And in case you missed it, head over to our HOME TOUR WITH JAKE to see the rest of his gorgeous West Hollywood digs.

pink designer bedding


This is the main hallway that we walk down to get into all of our bedrooms. I wanted it to be filled with natural light and have views of the trees in our backyard from the first to last room. You’ll see that I tied in the same beams from the kitchen down this hallway, and once you scroll down even further, you’ll see we carried the beam theme right on into our bathroom as well. I can’t talk about this hallway without mention of these gorgeous windows from Marvin. The narrow frame casements are super clean, and I chose to paint the windows and trim in a different color than the walls to make them pop, ever so slightly. They let in every bit of natural light that makes me smile from ear to ear every time I walk this hall. Ps. if you missed it, I wrote all about my window selections and more HERE!

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